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You can pay the order by Credit Card On Site,Western Union,Bank Transfer,Money Gram Online with Visa /Mastercard.

Mastercard 10% Discount Off

if you pay by Credit Card on site,you will find paid is more than the order total

the reason is below

In our country,Banks cannot directly receive dollars,euros from abroad, it all need to be converted into CNY to enter the account,during the transaction,there will be multiple exchange rate conversions, which causes paid higher than the total of order

just now,we set Credit Card 10% discount off,so the paid is nearly to the price on site

Western Uinon,Bank Transfer 15% Discount off

For Western Union payment,please choose send money to receiver bank account,so you only need to pay less or no transfer fee,Also,we can receive money rightly and ship the order out in time

Coupon codes are not needed,the discount price wil be updated on the checkout page

Please contact us or check our FAQs if you have any questions.